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Overview of Venture Capital Landscape in India

It is difficult to find an overview of the Indian venture capital industry because no systematic attempt has been made. This research article by Shri Mohammad Mustafa offers an overall understanding of the Indian venture capital industry.

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SMERA Newsletter - SMEsphere - Vol 5

The newsletter aims to provide an overview on SMERA initiatives & the relevant developments and activities taking place in the MSME sector.


Alert & Impact analysis

The MSME sector is considered to be the backbone of our economy. This sector contributes heavily in generating employment, offers wide range of services and is engaged into manufacturing of over 6,000 products. Given the large scale of this sector, decision-makers must face the cruel reality of a fast-changing business environment today. Natural disasters, changes in government policy, raw material prices and competitive landscape among other things keep bankers and industry leaders on their toes. A team of analysts and economists at SMERA aim to provide an independent and unbiased account of such events and their impact on MSMEs and the Indian economy. We believe such analysis and alerts can play a vital role in mitigating risks arising from such events.