New Enterprise Credibility Score
Building Trust | Enabling Transactions

SMERA New Credibility Enterprise Score reflects the ability of a new enterprise to be sustainable and its present state of creditworthiness. The Government of India has introduced many schemes to encourage development of new enterprises. India needs such enterprises for continuous and sustainable economic growth, and to overcome the challenges of large scale employment creation. India offers huge opportunities to such enterprises given the size and diversity of the country, new possibilities offered by technology, and India's competitive advantage over similar economies.

However, these entities face tremendous challenges in raising funds on fair terms. Equity is expensive, and the VCs/PEs segment caters to a niche segment that covers very few sectors such as technology and ecommerce. As a result, a large number of new enterprises engaged in manufacturing, trading and exports languish simply due to lack of bank funding.

Banks, on the other hand, stay shy of building relations with new enterprises due to lack of credible information and mutual trust. In India, penetration of banking services is very low. Most of the new enterprises lack reliable data of past banking conduct and payment track record for bankers to take lending decision confidently. And even if such data is available, one needs to ascertain if the new enterprises will be willing to pay. However, many a times, the information available is not substantial enough to conclude whether the enterprise will be able to sustain in the long run.

SMERA New Enterprise Credibility Score is a unique solution created for the Indian market to address the issue of lending to new enterprises. We believe this will help take the Make-in-India movement to grassroot level.

SMERA combines the power of data, analytics and its ability to physically verify the claims of the new enterprise through site visits to not only eliminate the risk of fraud but also help the lender understand the ability of the enterprise to withstand threats and take advantage of opportunities.

SMERA New Enterprise Credibility Score is assigned on a 100-point scale on which 100 denotes the best score and reflects high confidence on the enterprise's ability to sustain and grow. To assign the score, SMERA uses a unique scoring model tested with a large number of dataset. SMERA will also speak to the management of the company and conduct site visits.

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