Human Development Index

Human Development Index (HDI) is comprised of three major indicators that reflect the quality of life in terms of life expectancy, literacy rate, and per-capita income. In the global HDI ranking, India stands at 131positions as on 2015 (the most recent survey released by United Nations). Based on these parameters, India's position is much lower as compared to other BRICS nations. Even though, in case of factors such as life expectancy and average years of schooling, India's position is marginally lower than peers - its per-capita income is much less. The latter is therefore a major disadvantage for India's HDI and keeps its position far behind nations such as China, Brazil and Russia.

+ Rational

In past three years, with an average growth of 7%, India has emerged asthe fastest growing major economy on earth. We believe that, with a rapid economic expansion, India's per-capita income has improved meaningfully as compared to other countries and this will positively influence the country's quality of life parameters. Moreover, Indian government has initiated several affirmative actions to uplift the quality of life of citizens. Therefore, a substantial improvement in India's ranking in global HDI index is expected in the new series.

BRICS Nations Human Development Index (HDI) Rank Change in rank
Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2015 2010-15
Russia 0.785 0.792 0.799 0.803 0.805 0.804 49 5
Brazil 0.724 0.73 0.734 0.747 0.754 0.754 79 7
China 0.7 0.703 0.713 0.723 0.734 0.738 90 11
S. Africa 0.638 0.644 0.652 0.66 0.665 0.666 119 2
India 0.58 0.59 0.599 0.607 0.615 0.624 131 4
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