Corporate Profile

The contribution of emerging/mid corporate to the economy is quite significant and over the years has become the important link of the industry value chain. Majority of these companies/entities are not listed on the stock exchange operating in mid corporate space. Accordingly, the information availability on such companies are limited hence there is no meaningful coverage on them to draw analytical insight on their business model and financial strength. In contrast there is lots of information /report available on the companies of similar size but listed on the stock exchange. Thus, an independent opinion is highly required to substantiate their financial position and business strength. Issuer profile will act as a ‘Differentiating Factor' to encourage transparency, objectivity and provide adequate information to the stake holders for making an informed decision.

SMERA's Corporate Profile is aimed at conducting a detailed coverage on such companies to provide insight to company history, business model, operational efficiency, management capability, marketing setup & financial status.

The benefits for the company:

  • Acts as a strong differentiator and marketing tool to distinguish in the market.
  • Independent Third-party opinion
  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding Relative position in the industry
  • Better trade relationships
  • Helps in availing credit facilities from Bankers / Suppliers

The benefits for investors

  • Helps in understanding the credibility of the organization
  • Supplements investment decisions
  • Help reduce risk on transactions, and make more informed decisions regarding:
  • Competition
  • Merger/ acquisition candidates
  • New major vendors
  • Helps in striking International deals / Exports
  • Showcases the Financial performance, spread and strength to the potential Suppliers/ Customers

Product Features:

  • The Comprehensive Report provides a detailed analysis of business and financial information.
  • Management interaction and site visit
  • Peer group analysis
  • Detailed description of business model and operational aspects
  • Note on Group Companies
  • Note on the future plans and envisaged capex
  • Industry prospects